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I wake up every day wanting to live fully in truth and empower the brilliance of others.

I share many of my personal stories on platforms through my signature talk to inspire us to experience life with the B-List and stop achieving on the A-list.


Khalilah Lyons is a founder, visionary, storyteller, movement maker, speaker, and writer based in Chicagoland. As founder of Answer the Moment, Khalilah brings an energetic, heart-centered approach to her work for all companies that are ready for change, in the midst of change, or on the other side of change. Her approach is centered on empowering people to be brave enough to untap their brilliance in service of taking transformative action.


She makes space for people to fully show up as they are in order to determine how they can best contribute to creating an inclusive culture in their organizations.  As a result, her thought leadership and coaching are highly sought after and you can find her joyfully connecting as a keynote speaker, board member, coach, mentor, and as many have said ‘Corporate Soul Whisperer.”. 


Her clients include General Mills, Grant Thornton, YMCA Chicago, Health of Ontario Pension Plan, Ulteig, Highspot, TXI Digital, and others. Khalilah is the co-founder of Candidly Connecting, which is on a mission to ignite bold, candid, and essential conversations between children, parents, and educators that will have a generational impact. Her work has been featured in Chicago Defender and she was named Mogul's Top 100 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leaders in 2021. 


She has appeared on many platforms including Empathy Edge, Uplevyl, She Rocks It magazine, and most recently on Chicago Access Network TV, which reaches a million viewers in Chicago. She sits on the board of directors for International Women's Forum -Chicago and  Female Strong; and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.


The core of her life’s mission is to curate the beautifully messy stories that shift perspectives, create empathy, and ignite change through the genuine connections that we all share. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 


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"Khalilah brings so much expertise  but it’s her ability to connect in a real and genuine way and to meet people where they are that truly sets her apart! I have greatly enjoyed our partnership and the innovative ways she approaches her work and it’s icing on the cake that we’ve developed a genuine friendship along the way."

"I provide intuitive, heart-centered
strategy for entrepreneurs, new leaders,
and career shifters who want to
leverage life audaciously."

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"Experiencing life through the B-List
is our “yes” TO
acceptance and permission
to live fully in our
everyday moments."

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